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means sex.sexed with someone
Person 1: did you do your work?
Person 2: Yeah.Why?
Person 1: You sexed with your work?
Person 2: No...Ughhh!You bitch!

p.1:Did you do your girlfriend
p.2:oh yeah! We had a rocking time.We stayed up till 3:00!she sucked my dick and i licked her tits.We kissed a lot! Felt good.
p.1:Uhhh!!!you must have had a good time.makes me leak!
p.2:wanna do right now?no one is here.
p.1:sure!!!I cant wait to have your dick in my pussy!it feels sooo good!
p.2:I love to have your tits under my control.uhh!!
by LuvtosexsexsexXO May 26, 2006
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