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A mixture of powerade and vodka, so you can take in public (festivals, parties, etc.) without getting in trouble
"Hey dude, can I have a sip of that powerade?"
"Yeah it has vodka in it though."
"Yeah man this is happy juice powerade?!"
#alcohol #vodka #powerade #happy juice #drunk
by luvluvluv July 13, 2014
Beside being used as an Adjective to refer a male who act like gay or his homosexuality, I’ve heard quite a few male bankers called their female superiors “ Fruitcake”.... They're referring their female superiors look pretty and sweet, but nothing in their brain. It’s an insulting chauvinist way of belittling women’s ability at workplace.
Male Banker A: She didn't approve this half-million loan and client went to our competitor. Can't beleive she's so into those risk management thingy. We need sales!

Male Banker B: Told ya, I always wodering about how did she get her banking licence. She's tatotally a "fruitcake"!
#dumb #mute #dull #vast #blond
by LuvLuvLuv September 26, 2009
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