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Slag term used to refer to uncomfortable levels of heat, the term refers to said temperatures being "Wham" (Warm) and is thus referred to as "George Michael".
Can also be shortened to "George"
It's a bit George Michael in here lads, I'm going to open a window
by Luther_Blissett January 16, 2007
1) the activity of hurling a prositute into a swimming pool

2) An exclamation of surprise, perhaps at seeing a prositute being hurled into a swimming pool....
When faced with a sharp knife and a gang of youths demanding money "HO DIP!" exclaimed Philip

Upon looking for a barman from whom to buy drinks Matt was confronted by a Leo Sayer looking mofo "HO DIP!" he exclaimed

As James said "I don't care what it means" the group shouted "HO DIP!" in surprise.
by Luther_Blissett April 12, 2007
a variation of the word "Bastard"
A general exclamation of anger or frustration at a situation in a similar fashion to the word "BOLLOCKS"
thieves stole my car, my house burned down and my parents just died in a car crash "BAMSTRAD!!"
by Luther_Blissett April 12, 2007
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