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Plebcore is a large genre of music for the common hipster who often lacks taste in what is actually good music to the average commoner. "Pleb" is short for "plebeian". So Plebcore is a genre of music for someone who is not a real music fan. Often times a hipster likes Plebcore because the music has low popularity and the artist is likely to remain independent and/or unsigned.
Real dubstep is plebcore while what many consider good dubstep is just filthy brostep.
by Lushhdog11 August 17, 2011
Dubstep music influenced by the cartoon My little pony. Often made by a bronie!
Hey bronies did you hear the new ponystep song "Check out Cutie Mark Crusaders by Alex S"?
by Lushhdog11 August 16, 2011

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