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When a male sends a picture of his penis to another person.
Girl 1: "Hey, what you looking at?"

Girl 2: "Oh my god! Jose is pexting me!"

Girl 1: "How's he looking?"

Girl 2: "Not great..."

Jose: "Aycarumba!"
by Luscious JBO April 28, 2011
Being impregnated by a Latin-American man (most likely an immigrant).
Girl 1: "Hey, did you sleep with Jose?"

Girl 2: "Yeah. I'm el prego."

Jose: "Aycarumba!"
by Luscious JBO February 04, 2010
A man's penis.
Guy 1: "Hey dude, watch it with the low blows."

Guy 2: "Sorry dude. I totally hit your sex nose."

Jose: "Aycarumba!"
by Luscious JBO April 29, 2011
When a man gets stuck in a relationship with no way out.
Guy 1: "Dude, every time I try to break up with her, I get pulled deeper into the relationship!"

Guy 2: "Chicksand dude."

Jose: "Aycarumba, dudes!"
by Luscious JBO April 28, 2011

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