2 definitions by Lupus Moon

Means Oh Really?
Often used with a white owl, occasionally decked out in different costumes for uses such as "Quite Rly" (With a monocle and pipe) Often used for sarcasm or just to be an internet nerd.
#1: The sky is blue.
#2: O RLY?!

#1: Old chap, the sky appears to be quite sapphire today.
#2: Quite rly.
by Lupus Moon March 06, 2006
Occasionally used as "Darn", to express loss and expressing that whoever has beaten you must have been hacking, or that you will hack whomever has beaten you.
#1. You're fugly.
#2. H4X!!1!11!!1!
by Lupus Moon March 06, 2006

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