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2 definitions by Lupu

A top dawg, or close hommie. also REEFERed to a gram of many sorts of controlled substances, one of which is marry jane, pot, weed, my fav, and marajauna!
"Yo' g, sup yo, was goin on snoop"" man stop fuckin around roll up that g"
by Lupu August 27, 2003
A friend who will allways part a blunt with you. never screw up the rotation or caugh in the bong, least not while the bowl pointin right at ya.
"Yo' hommie pass that shit!""a hommie you hear that, look, look there""a i aint see shi.. hey did you take that blunt.""nah u smoked it all hommie(caugh caugh)"
by Lupu August 27, 2003