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the ultimate sexual position, that involves some salad tossing, vag fingering, butt flashing, neck tickling, toe sucking, gweebus purring, clit suckle-ing, monkey rubbing, that gives the girl the ultimate orgasm.
Holy shit I cant believe that Tylonel pulled off a fragile allen on that slut Janice, she must've been screaming like beached walrus gasping for air.
by Lupinve Devine November 24, 2007
A combination of psilocybin and a sybian, it is a sybian in which the fallic end is shaped more like a Psilocybin mushroom and is coated with the mushroom powder and flakes, causing intense spiritual tripping while being vibrated by a machine to an orgasm.
Lucinda nearly freaked out when she was on that psilosybian yesterday, she had the voltage all the way up, and I reckon there was a lot of powder on that thing, what a trainwreck that whore is.
by Lupinve Devine November 21, 2006
A person who does not fit in with other humans socially and sometimes appearence wise. These people tend to be either extremely perverted or extremely self conscious of themselves. They also tend to be a bit scummy. A scummy sub-human or basal human that tends to quietly lurk around in a scummy fashion.
Holy shit that kid Logan is a fucking scumanoid, he looks like a fish, is always looking up girls skirts, and is a social pariah.
by Lupinve Devine November 16, 2006
When a group of horny drunk guys grease themselves up in butter and jerk off to pornography together for a long amount of time. Usually is a playful, and yet rough and violent act. It can also define as 2 fat people or crack addicts participating in marathon sex.
Logan walked in on his suitemates participating in a scumathon, he gasped because there was cum, shit, and blood everywhere.
by Lupinve Devine October 25, 2006
The worst possible case for a girl/woman body type. The dreaded fat and flat chested. It seems physically impossible but fat and flat chested females do occur.
I dont know who is ever going to fuck Lisa Piggsworth, that bitch suffers from a serious case of mountitis.
by Lupinve Devine November 12, 2006

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