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A person who slips grandmas drugs for RAPE. They do the dirty with the grandmas and flee the scene. They are dirty mother fuckers and i dont suggest being near one.
"That guy is a grandma slipper," says Mark
"Really," says Tomtack
Mark says, "Yes, really, hes fuckin gross"
Tomtack nodds in agreement. and says, "he sure is"
by Lupe The Magic Totem September 11, 2007
A lumpy lunch is when you wake up late from sleeping with a fine woman and you find poo on your bed. The bitch has pooed on your bed and now you gotta clean it up. It was one lumpy lunch.
I slept with Monique lastnight and she left with me with a lumpy lunch.
by Lupe The Magic Totem September 11, 2007

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