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An adjective used to describe someone who is extremely arrogant and/or overbearing, with grandiose ideas about themselves, but little clue as to how ridiculous and self-inflated they look.
Taken from the Cardassian race from Deep Space 9.
Guy 1: God, Fletcher Daniels is such a Cardassian.
Guy 2: I know. Did you see him hitting on Patsy? What a dick.

Guy: Why are you being such a Cardassian today?
by Lunettarose December 12, 2008
How stupid people spell lasagne.
Stupid guy: 'Hey, Mario! Whip me up some of that bellissimo lazania, amigo!'
Mario: '... do you mean "lasagne"?'
by Lunettarose April 07, 2010
The part inside oneself that knows, and will answer, all the questions the teacher asks during any given class.
Particularly bad when present in a science/mathematics lesson.

Taken from the character Hermione Granger an annoying know-it-all from the Harry Potter series of books & films.
Girl 1: Man, I felt like such a total bitch in chemistry today.
Girl 2: Why's that?
Girl 1: I couldn't keep my Inner Hermione under control, and spent the whole feakin' class with my hand in the air.
by Lunettarose December 12, 2008
A phrase used scornfully & contemptuously to someone who keeps making their interest in a subject or person especially apparent.

Can be - and often is - shortened to HYH.
Guy: Atsuko is so hot! Have you seen her new character designs? They're really hot. Don't you think Atsuko is the most hot? She is. She's the hottest, Atsuko.

James (rolls eyes): Hide your hard-on, mate.

Guy: Don't you guys love Sakura Wars? It's so cool.

James: Yeah...it's OK. We were actually just discussing British escapes from Colditz.

Guy: Oh my god! That's EXACTLY like Sakura Wars! Did you know that-

James: HYH.
by Lunettarose July 03, 2010
A term for a Russian girl, or a girl with Russian heritage. The female equivalent of "russki".
"aw man, that club down near Little Russia was packed full of russkies and russinas"
by Lunettarose October 21, 2009

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