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God. If tennis skill was money, Bill Gates and Oprah would be charity cases compared to Roger. You know that feeling when your woman climaxes and is left whimpering in your arms? That's what it feels like to be Roger Federer.
Chuck Norris wears Roger Federer PJ's.
by Lunaman January 21, 2008
The automatic response when somebody says "Jesus Christ!" in exasperation. It implies that the person thinks you are divine compared to their sorry ass. There is also an undercurrent of blatant self-promotion, in that it's fine for them to call you the Lord behind closed doors, but you don't want them embarrassing themselves in public. This usually pisses them off, but it stops them from whining.

It can also be used when someone yells, "Jesus!" "God" or some related phrase.

Does not necessarily need to be used in public.
Mary: "eh my God, it is soooo hot outside. Jesus Christ!"
You: "Don't call me that in public."
Mary: "What?"
You: "You heard me."
Mary: "What?"
You (patronizing): "Shhhh..."
by Lunaman January 23, 2007
adj. "sicky-nar-nar" or "sicky-nar" is used to describe something that blew your mind, rocked your world, or otherwise kicked-ass.

It is derived from the common words "sick" and "gnarly" and is most often used to describe a dangerous trick on something with wheels or a board, or to describe a social function where everbody got wasted.

If you are the first to use this word in your group of friends, it is customary to charge others a dollar for the use of the word once they have heard it.
"Dude, did you see Matt pull off that backflip? It was sicky-nar-nar."

"That party was sicky-nar." "Dude, you owe David five bucks now."
by Lunaman September 21, 2006

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