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2 definitions by LunaDoll

As roommate is to roomie, suitemate is to suitie. Describes someone with whom you share some living spaces in a dorm, but do not share a room.
Rob: "Hey, how do you know Jess?"
Olivia: "Oh, she's my suitie."
by LunaDoll July 18, 2011
Similar to the "Swear Jar" or "Cuss Jar" you had to put a dollar into at home whenever you cussed, just modified for an older audience.

A bucket into which you must deposit a dollar for every cuss word you say.
Alyssa: "Yeah, he was fucked as shit."
Cait: "That's it, put two dollars into the Fuckit Bucket."
Alyssa: "Aw, man..."
by LunaDoll July 18, 2011