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2 definitions by Lumena Chimes

Lumena (Loo-me-nuh)

A name derived from the term "Liminality" and "Liminial", Lumena is the essence of being between two certain points, rather, in a limbo of sorts. In turn, this can relate to anything from social status, to going from a prior grade to the next one upon graduation, or in between certain symbolical states such as Darkness and Light, Life and Death.
My name is Lumena, I am neutral to many thoughts on the spiritual aspects of life.
by Lumena Chimes July 30, 2006

A short, and often fond nickname for the term Lumena. It is used mainly by those closest to the person and for those whom like shorter phrases for larger words. It has the same meaning as it's larger counter-part.
I could have sworn Lumi was in the garden, but she wasn't here at all today.
by Lumena Chimes July 30, 2006