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2 definitions by Lumby McGumby

A Funnier Term of LAWL

MHMHMMHMHMHMH it reminds me of pizza MHMHMHMHM it is more uber 1337 to say lawlo then to say lawl MHMHMHMHMH. PIZZA!
You see a pizza with a pizza on top of it with more pizza then you say lawlo. If you only see 1 pizza you say LAWL. MMHHMHM
by lumby McGumby January 07, 2007
It is when you buy stuffed crust pizza and stick your Uber Hard P3n0r in the crust and your like SUCK MY DYICK!!
Hey Mom order some penor pizza so i can stick my penor in it Okay honey Hey mom your a black man by the way MHMMHMHHMMHMH.
by Lumby McGumby January 31, 2007