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3 definitions by Lulu and Lele

A well good term used to describe a lack of pubic hair on a womans flower or muff as it were. Basically a shaved/waxed fanny!
'ooo iv got a right mound on me, i better get rid'
couple of minutes later...
'bald as a coot'
by Lulu and Lele March 06, 2008
Someone who is off their fookin head, in other words...a sandwich short of a picnic!
Lele: As if u did a bit of fookin for a chicken burger....
Lulu: i know, not a full shilling am i....
by Lulu and Lele March 06, 2008
A sarcastic terminology used to describe a lad who is just not blessed in the looks department. Basically an ugly fucker!
Leanne: oh my days...look at the fookin state of him, did ya see?

Louise: oooooo fookin 'ell, dishy bloke...he'd defo get it!!
by Lulu and Lele March 07, 2008