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2 definitions by LukeyBoy

Tegan is a given name of Welsh origins. It is a diminutive of the welsh word teg (fair) and means "darling" or "loved one"

Tegan also known as 'Tegsy' has to be the most angelic person on the planet. She is funny, kind, gentle, caring and so beautiful. She is so good with children and would make a great mother when she is older. She has gorgeous blue eyes that one can get lost in so easily. She is musical: playing the harp and piano. She is also a very good artist. Tegan along with this speaks welsh fluently and will often help me with my Welsh homework. Tegan gives the best cwtches and kisses and is always there for her friends. No matter what happens you can be sure that Tegan will be there to comfort you. Tegan IS the definition of perfection and does not realise how beautiful she actually is. She is a fantastic friend Loved by many and is the best girlfriend on the planet. However, she does cheat when you play football with your brother and enjoys taking the mick out of her boyfriends (my) attempt to draw.
Friend: "Look Luke its your girlfriend, Tegan Gwynne-Hamer"
Luke: "yay Tegan! She's so beautiful!"
Friend: "I agree"
Luke: "Oi! Only I'm allowed to say that as she is MY perfect girl!"
by Lukeyboy May 08, 2013
Whenever you are hungry, especially 'starving', or simply craving something
Sames! I'm properly Nomming one out right now!
by LukeyBoy February 27, 2011