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Someone of the fairer sex that is both well endowled and well shaped up top - In short a lady with mahoosive breasts
Wow, that bra makes you look breastulous
by Luke L September 11, 2006
Is a portmanteau of Parkour and Spartan. A concept originally developed as an underground running club in the heart of Essex by a group of likeminded Spartan Racers wanting to run wild. The first rule of Sparkour is its an invitation only club...
"I'm pretty fed up of tarmac bashing marathon training, I wanna run wild in the woods and streams mate, when are we going Sparkour next?"
by Luke L February 26, 2014
A command you give a collegue when you want them to close the inappropriate instant message window you just send them
A - "hi mark, xxxx is such a complete loser - hate him"
B - "lol yeah agreed"
A "ALT F4 PLS - just in case!"
by Luke L May 24, 2011
On the dot. I.e. at an exact time.
12 dotto dude, i'm claudette today
by Luke L November 02, 2010
Literally "in the pocket" - meaning to take something for oneself. Justified theft of a perhaps mislaid object.
"Someone had left a bottle of aftershave in the toliet, needless to say that went dans la poche"
by Luke L November 23, 2006
A word said in a South African accent to mean fantastic or great when refering to a part of a lady's body.

Prenounced 'Toy-T'
"Man did you see that chick, she's got a toight ass"
by Luke L December 19, 2006
A term used by Head Office staff to describe fellow staff that work in their corporation's many outlets.

Generally these individuals have a lower IQ than the head office staff and struggle to see the bigger picture
Head Office Employee 1 "I took a call from Store 871 this morning, man did he go on and on about the new promotion"

Head Office Employee 2 "thats all you need to start your day, a moaning store monkey"
by Luke L December 05, 2006

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