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2 definitions by Luke Johnson, Iowan

-A person that thinks it is okay to run a nation based on a religion.
-A rich person trying to help himself
-Mainly from the south
-constantly scheming from an undisclosed location *cough* Cheney
-Usually doesn't know about the issues just is a republican cause there parents said the democrats are evil
-sways the masses with fanatical patriatism
-skilled at draft dodging
-Likes killing full grown people yet is opposed to taking a non-thinking embryo from a 14 year old's womb
-doesn't use the embryos we already have to try to save people
-Has an obbsession with the flag of the confederacy
-Likes going to war just to impress their fathers
-Likes giving tax cuts to the rich yet hates giving wellfare to the poor
-The only have 1 good republican, and that is Sen. John McCain
-Whine about how the democrats have all the media when the liberals only have on newspaper when the republicans have two T.V. channels
-Likes putting fully automatic weapons in the hands of the wrong people.
"lets go hit a republican!"
by Luke Johnson, Iowan February 23, 2005
Someone from the state of Iowa
Luke:"He's an Iowan, because he lives in Iowa"

Mr.Anal "wow no way!"
by Luke Johnson, Iowan February 23, 2005