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To be severely irritated or annoyed. Equivalent to "Grinds my gears" or "Pisses me off"
I hate this teacher! He just Rattles my cage!
by Luke Austin April 11, 2008
Tanked out of your mind. To be drunk beyond reason. to be plastered or destroyed. To be shmammered.
Hash-master was ham-showed at the condo!! He could hardly stand.
by Luke Austin April 11, 2008
Skill in the department of 'wheeling', or 'picking up' members of the opposite. To have Dirty or Filthy Wheels is to have a large list of healthy hook-ups.
Jim Bob Ray hooked up with Ellen, Alex and Michelle. Not to mention another 4 girls last night.
Jim Bob Ray has Dirty Wheels.
by Luke Austin April 27, 2008

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