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Generally rhyming slang is a load of old bollocks. In the words of terry pratchett "it is made up to annoy strangers, which is the case with most slangs"
Whoa rhyming slang makes no sense!
prunes (syrup of)=wig
apples and pears=stairs
busy bee=general theory of relativity
by Luke September 07, 2005
A person of poor financial status with a cardboard house and two sets of clothes, this person often attempts to ask/beg for money of the public, and noted by his old and tattered clothing.
"omg look at those kessy shoes" "stop being such a kess" "he picked that off the floor, what a kess"
by luke March 18, 2005
this term is used for when u r stoned or pilled up.

If u were to halucinate then u would be spooning out.
" hey im spooning out "
by Luke April 19, 2004
The area on a human male just above the genitals, usually habitat of pubic hair. Used when having sexual intercourse
"I like 'em big and thick, with a nice big fat ass, y'know what I'm saying? That way you get that padded effect - when your raffle bangs against 'em."
by Luke February 22, 2004
One who loves small boys, especially those at the age of 12.
"Man that sloth sure spends a lot of time volunteering at the daycare."
by Luke January 04, 2005
Monkey Whore (adj)

a description used to describe a woman/ girl who makes out with facialy disaranged people.
Chloe kissed his huge, huge lips.

she fell in love with his extra-ordinary chin.
by Luke June 18, 2004
best footy player ever he should play for school next year
dummies hits the gap and scores
by luke November 19, 2003

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