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A person of poor financial status with a cardboard house and two sets of clothes, this person often attempts to ask/beg for money of the public, and noted by his old and tattered clothing.
"omg look at those kessy shoes" "stop being such a kess" "he picked that off the floor, what a kess"
by luke March 18, 2005
The Ray Charles is when you shit on someones eyes and then stick your dick in their mouth.
Ray charles had a Ray Charles done to him as a child and as a result became an excellent pianist.
by Luke February 18, 2005
a secret orginazation and if you say "o I've never heard of them" well thats because there secret dumb ass!

Ps chance are by the time you read this they've killed me AND YOUR NEXT watch your back there every were, all five of them!
damn them unsf boys are crazy i wish i could join unsf but I'm not cool enough
by luke August 05, 2004
When a male ejaculates all over someones face and his sperm covers the face of the recipent. Their face then looks like a glazed donut because of the males sperm.
Last night man, I jizzed all over Alana's face so bad...I glazeed her over.
by Luke August 07, 2003
the act of masterbating immedatitly following getting woke up.
After a long drunkin night dan was intised to do a rise n shine.
by luke February 16, 2005
this term is used for when u r stoned or pilled up.

If u were to halucinate then u would be spooning out.
" hey im spooning out "
by Luke April 19, 2004
The area on a human male just above the genitals, usually habitat of pubic hair. Used when having sexual intercourse
"I like 'em big and thick, with a nice big fat ass, y'know what I'm saying? That way you get that padded effect - when your raffle bangs against 'em."
by Luke February 22, 2004
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