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193 definitions by Luke

The phrase that an adult nagger uses to control her young tyke...
Baby...I ain't playin...hush your mouth..

Shaquavea...I said I ain't even be playin
by Luke June 07, 2004
a real funny progame ever
thats proper bo
oh no my tail poped out
thats a big load of babs yes babs
craiiiig david
by luke September 05, 2003
Generally rhyming slang is a load of old bollocks. In the words of terry pratchett "it is made up to annoy strangers, which is the case with most slangs"
Whoa rhyming slang makes no sense!
prunes (syrup of)=wig
apples and pears=stairs
busy bee=general theory of relativity
by Luke September 07, 2005
The Ray Charles is when you shit on someones eyes and then stick your dick in their mouth.
Ray charles had a Ray Charles done to him as a child and as a result became an excellent pianist.
by Luke February 18, 2005
a secret orginazation and if you say "o I've never heard of them" well thats because there secret dumb ass!

Ps chance are by the time you read this they've killed me AND YOUR NEXT watch your back there every were, all five of them!
damn them unsf boys are crazy i wish i could join unsf but I'm not cool enough
by luke August 05, 2004
this term is used for when u r stoned or pilled up.

If u were to halucinate then u would be spooning out.
" hey im spooning out "
by Luke April 19, 2004
DSM Racing is derived from the word badass.

Definition: To own everyone and everything
You try so hard to be DSM Racing, but there's only one.
by Luke April 10, 2004