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193 definitions by Luke

extreme outcry when inducing ultra violence...derives from the ancient master game known as "street fighterus turbo-us"....many faux Gods were once worshipped on platforms of worship known as mega drives and /or snes consoles.........
"here we go old chum, prepare to meet a grizzly death.....***HAAAADUKAN!!!!!!***

F I G H T!
by Luke March 02, 2005
10 9
To throw-up on your brand new wife, while making a baby, on your wedding night.
She was beautiful in her white wedding dress. . . it's a shame I couldn't wait to take her. Her dress is now ruined as she's been bel-schplorked.
by Luke January 12, 2005
2 1
feelings for someone close to you, not to be mistaken as a crush or puppy love.
Johny had a real snagler for Sam
by Luke December 08, 2004
2 1
A crazed german albino, which r good at basketball, and can jump like a brotha
Hey drautz u nazi go grab the rim
by luke February 20, 2004
2 1
where your cock lives, your pants or your hands(sucks to be you)
my penis feels secure in its home, its cock loft
by luke January 18, 2004
3 2
A packed bus
"Sorry I'm late, but I spent twenty minutes in a sardinemobile."
by Luke October 10, 2003
2 1
moulagDerived from the word moulag, moujin is the Caribbean version to this word.
"You are such a moujin!"
by Luke April 02, 2005
1 1