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193 definitions by Luke

To throw-up on your brand new wife, while making a baby, on your wedding night.
She was beautiful in her white wedding dress. . . it's a shame I couldn't wait to take her. Her dress is now ruined as she's been bel-schplorked.
by Luke January 12, 2005
feelings for someone close to you, not to be mistaken as a crush or puppy love.
Johny had a real snagler for Sam
by Luke December 08, 2004
A crazed german albino, which r good at basketball, and can jump like a brotha
Hey drautz u nazi go grab the rim
by luke February 20, 2004
where your cock lives, your pants or your hands(sucks to be you)
my penis feels secure in its home, its cock loft
by luke January 18, 2004
A packed bus
"Sorry I'm late, but I spent twenty minutes in a sardinemobile."
by Luke October 10, 2003
moulagDerived from the word moulag, moujin is the Caribbean version to this word.
"You are such a moujin!"
by Luke April 02, 2005
1) An alternate version of the word cunt or cnut.
2) A person of lesser skill or intelligence.
3) An unintelligible insult.
"James, you are such a cunbe!"
"^&@*#$%!&*#@ cunbe &*(@#^%&"
by Luke February 02, 2005