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Not exactly suburban, yet not exactly rural. An example of a sub-suburban area is like there are houses every 300 feet, corn fields, one farm, wide horse pastures, prairies, one Walmart, a couple of paved roads, possibly a highway, two or three schools, and a McDonald's. All within an area of at least 100 square miles.
John: God dammit, I live in a suburban area.

Kate: I live in a sub-suburban area!

John: Oh sweet, lets fuck and raise enough children to fill up an entire school bus!

Kate: Fuck yeah, and give me a beer as long as your at it!

John: Here you go, and happy 18th birthday sis!

Kate: Thanks daddy!
by LuigiXmission.420 September 23, 2010
Humans are actually technologically advanced teletubbies from the future, brought here by time travelers. We have lost the antennas on our heads due to the development of the DVD and television OUTSIDE of our body. We have also gained higher intelligence, deeper voices and better speech quality through Rosetta-Stone, brought to the teletubbies time by Marty McFly. Teletubbies come from a place latter known as teletubbyland. Teletubbyland land is a very green, lush, and thriving country, currently known as Afghanistan.
Marty McFly: Hey Tubby, I'm your distant relative, I'm one of the humans!

Teletubby: Uh, Gah-durrr, Tubby custard!

Doc Brown: Do you wanna light this teletubby on fire?

McFly: Yes. *Pours gasoline on teletubby*

Teletubby: Ooooooh, it feels tinglay!

by LuigiXmission.420 September 20, 2010
Happens when at least two or more people sit down after a long day and take a toke, they see an illusion of words inside the swirls of each other's exhaled smoke cloud, as they resemble speech bubbles, so only the stoners in that group understand the conversation.
To high to explain it.

The Stoned Language.
by LuigiXmission.420 October 20, 2010

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