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A 30 to 50 year old woman, usually straight, whose whole life revolves around their children and "empowering" themselves by trying to censor anything even remotely violent, vulgar, or bad in any way. Some have tattoos just to show how tough and empowered they are.

Their children are usually maladjusted due to their parents not letting them see anything remotely "bad" or vulgar, even when they are teenagers.

As implied by the name, their children play sports, usually soccer. Soccer moms can be identified by a generic sticker on the back of their car, or a "My child is an honor student at <insert school> Middle School" bumper sticker.

They also drive SUVs even though they do not need them, and cause many accidents. They are very active in their children's school activities.
That soccer mom is always at the PTA meetings!
by Luigi30 November 04, 2004
See Yankees.
My god those Bankees won their 20th world series. Fucking payoffs.
by Luigi30 May 05, 2004
The best arcade game ever. Fiendishly hard game where you had to destroy evil aliens before they killed all the humans on the planet below. Used a awful button scheme with 5 buttons and a joystick, but still quite fun.
Defender kicks ass!
by Luigi30 March 18, 2004
Restaurant in New York on 51st Street that the original Soup Nazi works at. Actually opened before the Seinfeld episode was made. The owner is famous for his Nazi-like ordering requirements.
Hey, that no soup for you guy works at the International Soup Kitchen!
by Luigi30 May 20, 2004
A game played on a volleyball court that involves hitting the ball over the net. No rules. Usually it turns into a contest of who can do the funniest shit with the ball.
I'm going to play vollbasker now.
by Luigi30 September 01, 2004
The English version of "Que?"
<Shirimasen> Bah, I can't find anything about this song.
<Luigi30> ?
by Luigi30 May 07, 2005
the place where aliens live
area 51!? ALIENS!
by Luigi30 May 05, 2004
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