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RSMV stands for:

RuneScape Music Video

History of the term
RSMVs began around early 2006. These first RSMVs were made in either Windows Movie Maker (WMM) or Camtasia Studios. Some of the most well known RSMV-ers at this time were Xgen20o4, Tyvak519, Vinchenzo900, and Regicidal1. Around the middle of 2007, RSMVs began to take one of the biggest turns it could ever. RSMVs began to be created in the movie editing program Sony Vegas. This started an uproar for the better, and new movie makers began to become famous for their skills with their "new breed of weapon". Since then, many styles of RSMVs have been developed. Over editing, which originated from Boomertwins, is using a lot of effects in an RSMV to make it look rather cool and epic, but not so much that you can't read the words. Alt Rock and Screamo songs are best for this style. Another one is Storyline Style, which originated from Masterhyperg, in which you balance your effects to make the video look as real as possible.
Hey man can you help me with a game?

No sorry, I'm working on an RSMV.
#runescape #luckybucket #youtube #runescape gathering #tehnoobshow
by Luigi the Singing Choob May 16, 2009
A version of the word "Later". It is commonly used online in chatrooms, IMs, RPGs, etc. It is not used in real life areas much because there is no exact known pronunciation.

This word has supposedly originated from a Dutch commercial about typos.
Username 1: Hey man sorry but I gotta go.

Username 2: Ok dude. loeter
#later #rpg #runescape #dutch #netherlands #luigi
by Luigi the Singing Choob May 16, 2009
A character in a the "In the Numbers" Youtube series. Luigi cannot speak a single word or at least no one has ever heard him speak a word. He does all his communication through singing lyrics of songs. He wears a red shirt with red bell-bottom pants. He has a black cape with red trimming. His hair is a darker orange and wears a black mask and hat with a white feather in it. His personality is playful, lovable, cuddly, and at times annoying.

The creator of this character, Luigi1o3, uses this name as his own title many times in conversation.

The title originated during a video shoot with Luigi1o3 and Skull Virse. The name was just thought up on the spot for the video. It is now recognized by many for a guy who sings for laughs and fun.
Guy 1: Oh my God, It's Luigi the Singing Choob!

Luigi (sings): Why Should I Worry?
#luigi #choob #noob #froob #rpg #youtube
by Luigi the Singing Choob May 16, 2009
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