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A brand of eraser with a pink coloring, that leaves smudge marks.
Jimmy bought a package of pink pearl erasers as part of his school supplies.
by Luigi Bing August 17, 2004
Beloved president of Bustrashia and beneficiary of a life term as the nations ruler.

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Bustrash Republik
All Bustrashians love and respect their great president Oompappa.
by Luigi Bing August 17, 2004
Official Name for the country of Bustrashia.

See Bustrashia
The turnip and potato are two of the major export crops of the Bustrash Republik.
by Luigi Bing August 17, 2004
A girl who wears extensive dental devices, which usually consist of Braces, Head gear and retainers.
Dont let Suzy give you blow job, they dont call her black and decker pecker wrecker for nothing.
by Luigi Bing August 17, 2004
A made up country that I rule in my online wargame, similar to an old soviet style government.
All Money is Bustrashia is backed by turnips.
by Luigi Bing August 17, 2004

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