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Expressed inquiry often employed in ironic or unfortunate situations. Mind-rape usually induces such bewilderment and is rarely challenged.
New Israeli government: "Knock, Knock."
Muhammad: "Boom?"
New Israeli government: "No. Palestine is now Israel. Get the fuck out!"
Muhammad: ". . . Lolwut?"
by LuhGiiiT x Hitlol March 28, 2011
The action of simultaneously doing a 720, a dropshot, and qWiiiCk sCo0p3, so quickly that it all occurs within half a nanosecond and may very well end time, as prophesized by Ben Franklin.
This maneuver truly makes Captain Falcon proud!
sB Khalifa: "Yo kid! Why can't I get on Xbox Live and get slapped some more?!"

Scyther: "Well . . . I heard that there's this LuhGiiiT lVlLG Pr0, Swizzle Bros, and he falcon scoped some bk scrandie, utterly destroying Xbox Live all together."

Swizzle Bros: "U mad bro?"
by LuhGiiiT x Hitlol July 04, 2011
Full of soft ass fuck nigguhz, except for Nicuhlas Walker, the crime lord, dillin er a thang from meth to the hardcore fruit roll-up ring. White folk beware; he after you son!
Naddir: "Let's go try sum weak ass niggaz in Harker Heights bruh, lulz."
D'Tyreke: "Yo cuh, don't fuck wit Nick do! Dat trigga scrait petrifyin dawg!"
Naddir: "Lolwut?!"
by LuhGiiiT x Hitlol March 28, 2011

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