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A Psychic Flying Pokemon. It is the 249th Pokemon in the National PokeDex.
Ash: Hey, its a Pokemon. Lets see what Dexter(PokeDex) gotto say.

Dex: Lugia. A psychic flying Pokemon. Its psychic powers allows it to communicate with humans. No further nformations available.

Ash: Huh? Whatever it is, I gotto catch this Pokemon. I choose you! Goooo...Pikachu!
by Lugiamcg December 13, 2009
Just like Sci Fi(science fiction), Luv Fi stands for 'Love Fiction'.
This is commonly depicted in motion pictures where its love story will not occur in reality.
Girl: I always cry whenever I watch that movie...T_T

Boy: Calm down, girl. It's just a Luv Fi movie which also means it'll never happen to you.

Girl: Thanks for the advice =D
by Lugiamcg December 10, 2009
A common typo error for the word 'like' when u're typing it on a qwerty.
A: dude, i would liek to fuck her...
B: liek?
A: Oops, a typo...should have be 'like'
by Lugiamcg April 01, 2009

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