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A phrase used to signify extreme moments of excitement, joy, or overall enthusiasm.
(After just succefully spiking a volleyball to the opposing teams side) "What now? BOOM TIME!!!"

"What time is it? BOOM TIME!!!"
by Lue Silver Hand July 10, 2008
The type of a humor a Pharisee would have used in the New Testament. Not so much humor, as it is mockery.

Actually, it's a lot closer to being a douchebag.
Man: Oh man, I'm really feeling that workout.
Person implementing Pharisee Humor: Thou shalt not work on the sabbath.
Man: Dude, it's Saturday.
Pharisee: Do you dare speak blasphemy in the sight of the Lord?
Man: You're a douche.
by Lue Silver Hand October 30, 2009

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