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Hanging flab from below a woman's gut but above her genitals. Many women attempt to hide their pelmets by pulling their trousers up well above their waists.

Origin: midlands, UK. Minge: see 'minge'. Pelmet: an architectural feature built to hide curtain fittings, making the appearance of the curtain more aesthetic.

Minge Pelmet may also be used to describe an individual with a prominent minge pelmet.
"Fuck me, look at the minge pelmet on her!"

"Look out! Here comes Minge Pelmet!"
by Ludwig van Funkenstein August 24, 2007
A complete retard. Strong insult.
"Alan Titchmarsh is a completard."
by Ludwig van Funkenstein August 24, 2007
A general exlamation or adjective. Useful for when more widespread words elude you.

Origins: Kings' Heath, Birmingham / Redditch, Worcestershire. Originally derived from the name 'Adam West,' a prominent local celebrity known to perform street magic and stripteases.
"You're a bit of a swest!"
"Ahh Swest! I just dipped my elbow in that stool sample!"
by Ludwig van Funkenstein August 24, 2007
An obese female who wears a sack-like garment in a futile attempt to appear less vast. Often the sack has a hole cut in the top to display the contours of their massive norks. Few find this attractive.
"Hey look at that sack wearer! What a massive fatass!"
by Ludwig van Funkenstein August 24, 2007
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