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3 definitions by Ludacris

p-i-m-p (see pimp)
p-l-a-y-a (see playa)
s-h-r-i-n-i (see above)
he cool but he aint no shrini
by ludacris January 12, 2004
One who hates Betsy and her 2 dyke friends immensely.
Damn, that Shaobin sure hates the Triple O crew. The ugly has been unleashed!
by Ludacris July 08, 2003
The lady at Li's Brothers in Norwalk, who always says weird things
Squinty Chink- "Roh, Sho Shorry, I Fart Brockree" (Oh, so sorry, I fart Brocilli)
by Ludacris December 17, 2004