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It is basically a mix of the words "freakin'" and "beyotch".
OMG!!!!! Yo are such a Freyotch.
by Luda Lover 24/7 January 16, 2005
A person that you are really cool with; your homeboy/homegirl; best friend, or in case you're black (like me), yo nigga'.
Wazz up, my homedingaroo?
by Luda Lover 24/7 January 16, 2005
Pleasingly Hot and Tempting
Yo know that cute guy from chemistry? He wrote me a note and it said I was "PHAT"
by Luda Lover 24/7 December 31, 2004
Something Ludacris smokes in his song "Blueberry Yum Yum" and he gets really screwed up in that song
Get your Lighters, roll that sticky, lets get higher. Got that Blueberry Yum Yum and it's that fire.
by Luda Lover 24/7 January 16, 2005
A fine arse nigga who always has something "BIG" in his videos. I wonder what it all means? :-D
Also my husband and Babyz daddy!! Alwayz will be MINE!!!
Sings: Fat Rabbit, What's your fantasy, Area codes, Saturday, and Get Back. His cd's are: Back for the fisrt time, Word of Mouf, Chicken and Beer, Incongnegro, and Red Light Disctrict.
Got'em all Baby!!!!
by Luda Lover 24/7 January 16, 2005

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