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4 definitions by LucySkyDiamond

From the great stoner movie "Shawn of the Dead."
2 seconds is the theoretical time it takes to do something totally unnesecary or dumb.
Tim "Argh, get this thing off me!"
John "2 seconds," (pulls out camera) "say cheese!"
by LucySkyDiamond April 24, 2005
1> Indicating an increase in quantity.
2> Being honest.
1> Man, wit de hot weather, da fly shorties' on da upanup.
2> Yeah, I know allgood's a bit mental, but he always on da upanup wit me.
by Lucyskydiamond July 04, 2005
The way to say "that was so stupid, even a blonde wouldn't even have done it, muppet," without actually offending someone.
Mom: "Billy just keked his breeks."
Pop: "Bless."
by LucySkyDiamond April 03, 2005
Short-form name for ship-based infantry created by Henry VIII to kick the French's arse.
Royal Marine Commandos are the best equipped rapid-reaction shock/assault force on the planet - anyone who parachutes field artillery into place before the ground troops means business.
Praised by the French Foriegn Legion (there's irony for you); Russian Spetznaz; the USMC (but never in public, looks bad in the papers). These dudes are the second-best infantry unit... If only they could find the best...
George W. Bush: "Well, we need to open Iraq up for oil.. I mean, to secure worldwide democracy. Think I'll send the USMC in to clear the ground."
Tony "Poodle" Blair: "Don't worry, darling, I'll send the Royals in first, you know they love dying for no good reason. Now, please f*ck me up the a*se again? Please??"
by LucySkyDiamond April 08, 2005