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66 definitions by Lucy

the end result to most hindu mythology
"...and then as punishment, his left nut fell off."
by lucy May 08, 2005
alternative name for butternut ski area
Ima go ride the butt tomorrow
by Lucy March 26, 2005
Nickname for an extremely 'gorgeous' pretty boy, who, over the internet, tells many that he has affection for them.
'Erik?! He told me AND Abbeh that he luffs us. His new pic on his website is SO hawt, though! He's pretty much a self proclaimed wh0ret.'
by Lucy March 12, 2005
(n.) A Sandwich which is so messy that it needs to be eaten with a knife and fork.
(v.) To eat a sandwich so messy it needs to be eaten with a knife and fork.
"This was really a skewerwich rather than a sandwich, and now I've got egg all over me."
by Lucy November 11, 2004
Comes from a girl (me) who got tired of saying 'special' and spelling it. So instead was inspired to make it speshmal.
Lucy: "I'm very speshmal."
by Lucy April 13, 2005
Having strong emotions for another person. Not in love with, but like them alot and would def. have sex with them.
Darci I zemig Rusty to the fullest extent.
by Lucy March 30, 2005
adverbial phrase:

hierarchally, the dark forces above.
sorry, this Purchase Order cannot go, it needs to be approved by the slug and lettuce.
by lucy February 24, 2005