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Unknowingly walking or dancing around with a cocktail napkin attached to the bottom of your shoe. Those who imbibe in cocknapstickulation are generally found in bars, nightclubs or staggering down the street.
After leaving the bar and posing for pictures, Lucretia realized she had some serious cocknapstickulation.
by Lucretia McEvil May 25, 2010
An OCD activity or hobby that one engages in while cracked out.
Karl was involved in some serious crackrame tonight. After re-alphabetizing his spice rack for the third time, he moved on to re-tweezing his eyebrows to get just the right arch.
by Lucretia McEvil May 25, 2010
"Big Girl Sit Down" -- take a shit.
I was late for my date because I needed a B.G.S.D. first.
by Lucretia McEvil May 25, 2010

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