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Internet shorthand for the Red Ring Of Death, the term used to describe hardware failure on the Xbox360, charcterised by three red lights around the power button.
Was gonna finish off my acheivements for GoW last night, but got rrod instead.
by lucothefish August 29, 2007
A way of saying "I don't know", as in "fuck knows"
Jim: Anything good on tonight?
Bob: Nasal sex
Jim: Nasal sex?
Bob: Fuck nose
by lucothefish October 02, 2007
The epitome of fail. Fail is used on the internet as an expression of disapproval, so failing to type fail correctly will often lead to subsequent ridicule and derision.
jim:You lost to an 8 year old on Halo? FIAL!
everyone else in the chat room: HA HA HA XD etc etc
by Lucothefish March 19, 2008
1/ A genuine expression of surprise when you meet someone you know in an unexpected place
2/ A sarcastic greeting when you meet up with someone at a previously agreed destination.
Hey, fancy meeting you here!
by Lucothefish December 09, 2008
A Straight guy's stiffy
What's that in your trousers? It's my purple headed womb broom
by LucoTheFish September 21, 2006
Used in emails, it is a common misconception that this is an abbreviation of the word 'regarding'.

Re is a latin word (pronounced 'ray') that means 'in the matter of' and was adopted by the English courts along with many other latin phrases. It has since moved into general correspondence.
Re: Why you don't pronounce it arr-eee
by Lucothefish September 24, 2009
A game that has been hurriedly ported onto the wii from other games consoles, in an effort to make some quick cash from the wii's recent success. Wiimake games will typically have a terrible control scheme due to the speed at which it was developed.
Call of Duty 3 had an unfortunate wiimake, it turned a great game ugly.
by lucothefish July 27, 2007

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