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6 definitions by Luco

coolest dude in town
damn oli is cool
by luco October 15, 2003
417 164
Microsoft Service Network, not MicroSoft network like some idiots think. It runs a website, some forums and an instant messenger program
I went on to MSN messenger to talk to my friends.
by Luco March 15, 2005
303 162
To relax and "chill out" harder than ever. People who are challin are usually found on the couch.
Hohnen is the master of challin
by luco May 30, 2003
21 10
the best god damn beer on the planet...tastes great..its smooth for skullin and to top it off it low in joules...hellllllll yer.
mmmmmmm low joule
by luco October 20, 2003
6 5
spaghetti thin
yo spig dick
by luco October 12, 2003
8 17
A word that can describe bad or unusual experiences.
"That movie was totally flayed"
"i was flayed at that party on the weekend"
by luco May 30, 2003
10 135