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A short & cute nickname for girls whos names are Brittany.
So instead of calling them by Brittany, you can call them by Britters. It also ryhmes with critters...lol.
Hiya Britters, how was your day?
by LuckyCharm October 12, 2007
drinking Coca-Cola and then moving on to give someone a blowjob that then causes you to burp in the middle of it. dont be ashamed to laugh a Cock-aCola is all natural. He wont mind, he'll prolly give a chuckle or a "YEAH, Cock-aCola!"
BF: Babe, can i please get some head?
GF: Sure i could really use some Cock-aCola relief right about now.
by luckyCharm November 15, 2014

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