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While sporting a cowboy hat and bandanna, do a chick doggy style with her hair in one hand and a Budweiser in the other, thus mimicking a bandit on a horse.
Local Country Girl: Mark came home drunk last night so I ended up getting the Brandenburg Bandit.
by Lucky Sumbitch August 06, 2008
Doing a girl doggy style in front of a closet door with your buddy behind the door. When climaxing, yell "BLITZ!" and have your buddy come out of the closet and tackle the girl.
Football player 1: YES...YES...OOOOOOO! BLITZ! BLITZ!

Cheerleader: What the fuck!?

Football player 2: BLITZ! *BAM*
by Lucky Sumbitch August 06, 2008
Another name for patrolling cops; name derived from the white unmarked cruisers.
Dude, this street race is kick ass.


by Lucky Sumbitch August 08, 2008
When doing a girl in an old Chevy pick up truck, you run out of lube so you grab the bottle of whiskey from behind the seat and apply a lil bit to the dried area. After done with the post-sex smoke, you attempt to flick the cigarette out of the truck, but it bounces back, landing in the whiskey soaked area, thus starting a fire (aka, the barn burner). All while in Biloxi, Mississippi.
Redneck 1: Did you hear what happened to Bob?
Redneck 2: Yeah, he burned his dick off thanks to a Biloxi Barn Burner.
by Lucky Sumbitch August 06, 2008

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