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The wingman is your best friend to party with because he is always up for anything and is ridicafunbut is also incredibly skilled at preventing you from making an ass of yourself by any means necessary up to and including getting just a little drunker or doing something just a little crazier to draw attention away from you. Most often achieves goal of saving your reputation by convincing you to leave wherever you are with the promise of going somewhere way more fun where everyone is hotter.
You: Dude, I'm going to challenge my boss to a beer chugging contest.
Wingman: Too easy, he doesn't stand a chance. Let's hit the nudie bar and do shots instead.
by Lucky Jodi March 20, 2007
an adjective used to discribe a ridiculously fun situation
OMG, St. Paddy's day was ridicafun.
by Lucky Jodi March 20, 2007
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