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After you have dropped a deuce, and wiped your ass. It is the dried up shit that remains stuck to your taint. Causing itching for hours.
Man, I took a shit, forgot to wipe, and now I gotsta shit taint.
by Luckie August 16, 2006
A woman who insists on removing your underwear with her teeth.
Yo momma is a drawer biter.
by Luckie August 16, 2006
A muscle in a woman's cunt. The muscle makes said cunt pulsate.
"I was bangin this' braud right, and her cunt muscle almost swallowed my schmack.
by Luckie August 16, 2006
a woman with incredibly large breasts nipple, which happens to be inverted.
This bitch Debbie. Her titties were massive, but she has a nipple twat.
by Luckie August 16, 2006

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