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Similar to death rattle.

An early morning drunk dial occuring after someone has stayed up all night drinking/partying.
(ring, ring)

Rob: Hello?

Sam: Hey buddy what's up?! I just wanted to call and tell you you're a great friend, and I love you man!

Rob: Is this a drunk rattle? It's 7am.
#drunk #dial #booty #call #drinking
by Lucille Balls May 13, 2010
So drunk you forget how to speak your primary language. You're so blacked out that suffocating on your own vomit is the least of your worries, rather your tongue will go so limp that it will cut off your air supply.
He was choke on your tongue drunk, he couldn't figure out how to put the keys in the ignition if he tried to drunk drive.
#wasted #blacked out #shit wrecked #tanked #hammered
by Lucille Balls April 05, 2010
"Cruise" "romance" or Cromance is a honeymoon between two strangers who will inevitably never see eachother again after the five day bender of drinking, eating, and swimming on a cruise ship. Usually results between the only two age appropriate people on the ship.
"Are you on your honeymoon?" "No, we just met." "Looks like you're having a great cromance. Another mai tai?"
#cruise #schmooze #honeymoon #love #choke on your tongue drunk
by Lucille Balls April 05, 2010
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