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the act of, after having passed out drunk, rising up and wandering around half conscious, and finally urinating, more often than not in an incredibly absurd location that you somehow have imagined is the toilet.
Witness: "get a little tipsy last night?"

Drunk pisser: "I guess so why?"

Witness: "I walked into the kitchen and found you drunk pissing in the refrigerator!"
by luciferous March 30, 2015
an exclamation of deviant joy or joyful deviance
witnessing an accidental broomstick impalement of your grumpy next door neighbor guy after being chased by an escaped pack of pit bulls from the drug dealer's yard down the street and trying to climb the closes tree but breaking branches and falling all within a moment of less than a minute.....you exclaim: 'Sweetnasty!' OR some one you really dig invites you out to sushi and later to their house to watch your favorite hentai.......
by Luciferous June 24, 2009
an term of endearment for zombie lovers.....
person (?) 1:'..........gooooooooo.......errrrrr ..........brians.........'

person 2: ahh, I heart you too, zombikins!
by Luciferous July 07, 2009
1. cross between twerpishness and geeky

2. adjective used to describe one who enjoys telling jokes or making statements that cause those awkward or confused silences

3. a collection of words blurted out when the better thing to do would have been a cough of restraint
.......she can be kinda gerpy at parties......

person 1: tells nasty joke that make most within earshot cringe

person 2: 'way to spew the gerpy, comrade!'
by Luciferous June 24, 2009

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