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(v.) The act of incorrectly assuming that a band whose name is a person's name is the name of a member of said band. This is most common by assuming that the band Jethro Tull's front man is actually named Jethro Tull, when, in reality, his name is Ian Anderson.

It is also common with the bands Gogol Bordello, Steely Dan, and Pink Floyd.
Mike: Did you see how amazingly Gogol Bordello can play his guitar?

Jeff: Dude, quit Jethro Tulling, the guy's name is Eugene Hütz, but he is most definitely amazing!
by LuciferSam1967 September 07, 2010
When one person over-crowds my fucking news feed because he syncs all of his social networks with his Facebook. The only way to elude this is to de-friend, block, or force the person to go outside and play.
Ryan, stop cyber bullying me. Go outside. I'm sure it is a nice day. :P

Also, this post is NOT cyber bullying unless I post it a billion times.
by LuciferSam1967 April 21, 2011
(n.) A person's absolutely amazing singing voice that overtakes the listener with so much emotion that he has no choice but to cry uncontrollably or laugh hysterically.
Listen to Robert Plant's golden pipes! He can hit notes perfectly.
by LuciferSam1967 September 09, 2010
(v.) to imbibe a bottle of water very quickly and continuously until the entire beverage has been consumed.
Dude, Matt, did you see Jeff deep throat Poseidon?....yeah niccee!! mattwin
by LuciferSam1967 May 17, 2010
1. A month long celebration that takes place the entire month of September without ceasing. It is a musical event that celebrates all art good, honest, and true.

2. The name of a folk rock band from Cleveland that started and celebrates such event. The band is known for its bongo player and seemingly insane singer.
1. Even at midnight, I still celebrate Septemberfest by listening to music by an honest band that exercises artistic integrity.

2. I really enjoyed the Septemberfest show last night. The guitarist was legitimately skilled and the other two members were very entertaining. Damn, the singer has some golden pipes!
by LuciferSam1967 September 07, 2010
(n.) Any live concert footage by the band Jethro Tull. It has been known to blind people with the extreme awesome.
Ever since I watched Ian Anderson on Tullovision I cannot enjoy any optical stimulus; even the sight of my newborn child made me throw up because he did not resemble a homeless man wearing a codpiece and dancing with a flute.
by LuciferSam1967 September 11, 2010
To move one's body in a way that resembles Matt Workman. Flailing arms, thrusting the pelvis, sending a "wave of energy" through the body, or rhythmic nodding are all necessary to properly display Workmannerisms.
Damn that guy can dance. Look at those pelvic thrusts! He has all of Matt's Workmannerisms. Mattwin!
by LuciferSam1967 April 21, 2011

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