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3 definitions by Lucifer B

Strictly, one who indulges in a particular form of incest, using only their hand (see fister. Often used as a term of contempt, and shortened to "sissy" on account of their unadventurousness.

See also brotherfucker.
Your brother's such a sisterfister, you know.
by Lucifer B August 16, 2005
Strictly, one who engages in a specific type of sibling incest. Usually applied to any contemptible individual or object, regardless of their or its sexual proclivities.

Often shortened to brother, brofo, or bro.

See also sisterfister.
Hey, brother, can you spare a dime?
My mobo is a brofo.
Leave off my bro, man.
by Lucifer B August 16, 2005
A Unix or Linix command that enables distracted postcyberpunk writers to see which username they are currently logged in under.
Once you have forgotten who and where you are, the whoami command is indispensible. I use it all the time.
- Neal Stephenson, 'In the Beginning was the Command Line' (1999)
by Lucifer B July 21, 2005