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To sacrifice somebody in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the saviour and chosen one of the Christian faith.

Many Christians do this whenever they feel threatened by someone who opposes their beliefs. This is not a publicized practice, as many Christians will even deny it's existence.

The "act," itself, usually involves a ritualistic killing involving a crucifix being inserted into one's heart, so that Jesus may fill their soul with the power of Christ.
Jim - "Well Susan, even though our youngest son Danny is our baby, we must do something about the lack of faith in Jesus he has recently shown.

Susan - "You know what Pastor Joe says to do, right?"

Jim - "What?"

Susan - "We must offer him up as a Sacrichrist.."

Jim - "Sounds good to me!"
by Lucidly Dreaming November 01, 2006
The phonetic spelling of how a person from Haiti pronounces the English number three. The location where you will most likely here this is in Little Haiti, FL.
Jean-Baptiste - "I got into accident car.."

Claims Adjuster - "You mean a CAR ACCIDENT?"

Jean-Baptiste - "Yea.."

Claims Adjuster - "Did you have any passengers with you?"

Jean-Baptiste - "Yea.. my brother, my sister, my friend Pierre Jean, my wife, and my twee kids.."

Claims-Adjuster - "I'm sorry sir, your what children?"

Jean-Baptiste - "My kids!! I have TWEE OF DEM!!!"
by Lucidly Dreaming November 01, 2006

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