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(Adv.) A state of mental confusion and severe short-term memory loss that follows in the wake of an ecstasy bender. One who is E tarded often exhibits the characteristics of being stoned. There is some debate as to whether e-tardedness is caused by ecstasy itself or by the effects of being awake, undernourished, and dehydrated for 24+ hours.
Sam: Hey Ann, you wanna call a cab?
Ann: Hm? My cellphone. What?
Sam: Jesus Ann, you're totally E tarded. Where's your cell?
Ann: Uh, what were we just talking about?
by Luciano Del Purgatorio June 21, 2006
(noun) A condition of severe erectile dysfunction and penile shrinkage that affects many males after heavy ecstasy use. This condition is exacerbated by the fact that sufferers are often extremely horny.
Ann: Are you ok? Am I doing something wrong?
Sam: No baby, I've just got some serious E dick going on. You mind if we just lie here?
by Luciano Del Purgatorio June 21, 2006
(noun) A drug cocktail consisting of Viagra and ecstasy. Almost always taken by males to prevent E dick. Associated with an increased risk of priapism.
Ann: Oh my! You're on V and E??
Sam: Yep. And it's killing me!
Ann: I think I might know how to help...
by Luciano Del Purgatorio June 21, 2006
(adv) A state of being extremely intoxicated or having overdosed on GHB or GBL, often in conjunction with alcohol. Almost always associated with nodding off, erratic behavior, violent, uncontrollable spasms, confusion, loss of motor control, loss of awareness, or unconsciousness. Although a dangerous condition that can result in death, sufferers usually recover completely within 24 hours with no lingering effects.
Sam: Did he fall asleep?
Ann: Nah, he's just geed out.
by Luciano Del Purgatorio June 21, 2006
(adv.) A state of being high on GHB or GBL, usually characterized by one or more of the following: euphoria, friendliness, confusion, loss of judgement, loss of inhibition.
Ann: You geed up?
Sam: Oh yeah, I'm geed up all right.
Ann: Let's get naked!
by Luciano Del Purgatorio June 21, 2006

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