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One of the kindest, sweetest, most caring boys from the band One Direction.
He's Irish and extreamly beautiful, he's really funny..Like seriously, spend five minutes with him, or watching a video of him &you'll be laughing. He doesn't get as much attention as he deserves and sometimes, it gets to him. But there are hundreds of us out there that love him to bits and know that we would be extreamly lucky to ever meet him. He deserves a girl that's beautiful and will treat him with respect, also to mess around with him and have fun. Really, he deserves everything. He's probably the most perfect boy on the planet as i can't think of one bad point to pin on him, he's amazing. &he loves Nando's.
Girl 1: "Did you know that Nando's ran out of food yesterday?''

Girl 2: "Yeah, that's because Niall Horan ate there.''
by LuccyHorann October 15, 2011

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