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OK!! To all the dumb ass people who post on this forum, wrote that false meaning of "Gangster" and don't know what the hell they are talking about. A gangster is anyone, no matter what race or nationality, who can control an organization with complete force and power with crime and murder while generating mass profit in the process.

Meaning Italians were not the first gangsters. The white men that took the land from the indians and called it "The United States" were the first gangsters.

The white men that run the United States are the real gangsters because they run the United States(an organization) with power, force, murder and crime (CIA, FEDS, ATF, and your local police departmant) while generating a profit (making yo dumb ass pay taxes that increase every year on everything you think you own).

There's a gangster in every race but us blacks make the shit look good Bitches!!!
These were real gangsters of different races. Ellsworth "bumpy" Johnson (Black), Dutch Schultz(German/Jewish), Al Capone(Italian), Frank Lucas (Black), Lucky Luciano (Italian), Bugsy Sigel (Jewish). So don't believe that italian mobs are the image of gangster.
by Lucas B October 28, 2007

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