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2 definitions by Luan(sutekidane bitch)

a very stupid dad; one who get played out by his own son mainly a fob; a dad that goes stupid from hearing too much suteki da ne; a mentally ill person that has a gambling problem and still owes me money; a dad that broke his son's PS one and made his son snap it back(ghetto)
yo hungdumb wheres my money u stupid bitch; yo hungdumb buy me a cell phone and i'll working for you and im kill joe and trong*fobish tone of voice*; yo hungdumb ur daughter got pussy cancer give her lukemia u dumb bitch
by Luan(sutekidane bitch) May 09, 2004
a person(usually female) with cancer mostly known to the viginal area so called pussy; a sister of a fob who listen to a popular song known as suteki da ne; person that went through lukemia thrapy and lost their hair resulting to wear a wig made ut of cow dung
black pussy cancer(enough said)
by Luan(sutekidane bitch) May 09, 2004